Board of Directors

Our board is made up of Jim Schatz, Chair, Jan Snow, Mary Allen, and Joe Perkins,Downeast Community Partners representative. Lucy Rowe is acting secretary and chair of Volunteer Intake and Nursing Personnel.

Jim Schatz operated and administered employment training and economic development products for the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment for 20 years. He owned and operated the Blue Hill Farm Country Inn for 25 years. He has been Selectman in Blue Hill for 20 years and was State Representative, District 37 for 6 years. He currently also serves on the board of the Blue Hill Memorial Hospital and on the County Budget Committee. He recently resigned from       years on the Healthy Peninsula board.

Jan Snow was a kindergarten teacher at the Blue Hill Consolidated School for many years. After retirement she decided it was time to begin giving back to the community that had been so supportive of her in education. Some of my volunteer activities include Evensong West Hospice Singers, The Blue Hill School Board, The Blue Hill Historical Society, as well as the Peninsula Free Health Clinic.

Jan says, “As an intake volunteer with the Clinic, I have had the privilege of working with friends and neighbors both as clients and as service providers. I enjoy seeing familiar faces come through the door, as well as new people seeking services. My goal is to help clients feel comfortable and informed as they move through the Clinic system. I have enjoyed a sense of accomplishment at the Clinic: good people getting good things done. I hope we can reach more clients to help others become a healthy part of our peninsula communities.”

Mary Allen

Joe Perkins