Downcast Community Partners (formerly WHCA and Family Opportunities) is the fiscal sponsor for Peninsula Free Health Clinic (PFHC). PFHC relies on the generosity of our friends and community to keep our doors open. We apply for grants to create and sustain educational and other outreach programs. We receive no state or federal funding.

Would you help?

  • $500 will cover our rent for 1 month.
  • $100 will purchase a meter, 1 month supply of test strips, and lancets for a new diabetic.
  • $75 covers on-site urinalysis testing for 3 months.
  • $50 will provide exam supplies for 3 months.
  • $25 will provide 6 urinary infection tests

If you are interested in becoming a sustaining donor, please let us know!

Please mail your donation to:

Peninsula Free Health Services

P.O. Box 252

Blue Hill, ME 04614

You can also go to:

To make your donation. Just write in the designation space “Peninsula Free Health Clinic” and the amount. Thank you. Your contribution is tax deductible and you will receive a letter confirming your tax free donation.